It's a makeupless Jennifer Garner leaving Fred Segal in Santa Monica over the weekend! Wow, she is just not an attractive woman.


  • jay

    Big, thick, monkey ears....collagen lips, over-plucked eyebrows and a disgusting little toe LOL ...would NOT hit!

  • hybridporn

    ya call that a gawjus woman ????????????!!
    sorry hon' ,....
    i like the natural look too but 'gawjus" she ain't ..
    ya' need yer eyes examined seriously ..
    that female is a hybrid if evah there wuz one ..
    let's keep it real shall we?

  • stray_bullett

    You have absolutely no taste. She is gorgeous. Totally hot. You are an idiot.

  • alienporn

    you are either nutso , blind as an effen bat or her mother ...

  • BBB

    I don't find her particularly attractive with or without makeup. She's not hideous or anything, I'm not ridiculous or hating on her, I just don't get blown away. But hey, it's for Ben Affleck to like or dislike in the end.

  • alienporn

    she doesn't even look human ...take away the phony lips & whatdya got ...i mean REALLY !
    I'D GO AS FAR TO SAY SHE IS QUITE UNATTRACTIVE !but what else is new in hollywierd ...

  • Aimee

    She looks really puffy here, as though she just had something done. I've actually seen her in person without makeup, and she has a pretty face: good skin, nice bone structure. This is a particularly unflattering photo.

  • Flinkman

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? just because she doesn't give a shit about looking glammed up for the paps on a quick shopping run doesn't make her unattractice. she's a GORGEOUS woman, and you're just bitter.

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