It's Mila Kunis walking her dog in Hollywood yesterday! Holy shit . . . is she dead?



  • PhillipVincent

    WHOA I would recognize that puss with another 10 lbs on her cheeks and deep eye pits. MAKE UP and LOADS OF PLASTER WITH SPRAY ON COLOR and VIOLA SHE AND YOU COULD BE GORGEOUS.

  • wolf

    wheres the dog? oh on her face

  • Sassy

    Do you idiots honestly think that celebrities look like they do on the red carpet 24/7????? Welcome to the real world!!!! She is not anywhere overweight or pudgy and hello..........WTF do you look like when you get out of bed? Get a life people!

  • FFlintstone

    I'd still do her. She's just tired with no makeup and 5-10 LBs heavier.

  • HarryBalszak

    Holy crap! Rosie O'Donnell lost 400 pounds!!

  • whatever

    Wow, there is a god.

  • Reptevevia

    she looks like Molly Picon , the matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof oy vey

  • Asston Kutcher

    People Magazine Sexiest Women this year??? In a pig's ass! She must have da magic pussy though. Props for the rock hard nipple though.

  • Mackeral

    I think they mean she is kinky sexy, not good looking sexy.

  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    Wow getting pudgy there Mila. Eating to cover up the inner sorrow about being with a cheater.

  • master yoda

    Whoa, thanks for checking in Demi. Now go back and do the monkey with Lenny Kravitz.


    well, see what you look like when you wake up every morning next to an ASHT-HOLE

  • cartman


  • Bart

    Not dead. Just drugged up.

  • Jim Van Matre

    wake and bake!!

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