Shia LaBeouf walking along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu (9/29)

If you're looking for a reason why Shia LaBeouf was basically fired from the new Transformers film and replaced with Mark Wahlberg, I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that he confused himself with Tom Cruise and demanded $18 MILLION DOLLARS. From Star:
Shia LaBeouf is backtracking on his vow to stop making blockbusters. Despite his repeatedly bad-mouthing the Transformers franchise, he is on board for the next flick, Star has learned. Not only that, he wants a $3 million raise from the $15 million paycheck he received for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But his lips may have cost him!

"It wasn't lost on producer Steven Spielberg how well The Amazing Spider-Man did without Tobey Maguire," reveals the source. "Besides, special effects are the real star of Transformers. And Steven isn't about to divert CGI funds to please Shia -- he'll find another actor ... Shia complains about the lack of a script but talks like being in the movie is a foregone conclusion." (Print Edition - 11/12)
Wow, Shia Labeouf is an idiot. If the producers of this toy movie got rid of Megan Fox, why would he open his stupid mouth and repeat the dumb shit that fell out of her stupid mouth? Megan got herself fired for not appreciating the job that put her on the map, and now so did Shia. What's funny is that he was replaced by Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg. Sure, Shia can well his eyes up with tears at the drop of a hat, but Marky Mark can counter that with his trademarked scowl and complete lack of connection to the audience. Not that it really matters of course -- the stars of this ridiculous franchise are the cars that transform into robots that transform into toys that only children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder can appreciate.

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  • Crazy_Hater

    Ha, ha, ha, ha ha. Too fucking bad dumb-ass. Go fuck yourself!
    Stupid fucking Liberal Hollywood morons, all of them.

  • rachael

    Do you think a guy who just got fired by another guy would be presenting him an award? LaBeouf and Bay are still friends, you guys need to start fact checking your articles.

    LaBeouf speaking from the heart about his mentor: Michael Bay is Charles Bukowski (ie, his poem Style) plus Buzz Lightyear. #SETAwards

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    Actor Shia Labeouf (@shiaofficial) presents the SET Legacy Award to director Michael Bay for his work on 'Armageddon.' #SETAwards


  • jerry bigbucksheimer

    here's my vote for lots less money

  • rachael

    Complete crap, Shia has said since Transformers 3 that he doesn't want to be in another one of these movies, his publicist already defined the story last week, Michael Bay has gone on record that he and Shia are still very close. Obviously a very slow news day to picked up a recycled story that has been proven wrong

  • rachael

    Sorry Denied not defined the story

  • Tom

    I actually believe this was bad choice.. Yes he is an idiot and shouldnt get a raise, but he shouldnt have been replaced either. If anything I would have just docked his pay.

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