Shia LaBeouf leaving a coffee shop in L.A. (9/27)

Shia LaBeouf got into a bar fight in South London over the weekend after some little shithead stole his hat. Well, yeah. You can't just buy hats anywhere these days. Very valuable. From The Sun:
"No one could believe that a well-known Hollywood star had rocked up at a bar in dingy SE14. Everyone was getting their photos taken with him. The scrap all started when this guy took his [Laos] hat. I think he was just joking, but Shia didn't like it.

"The guy just took it off him and wouldn't give it back. He tried to get it back and they ended up tussling. It was handbags really. But it shows that even Hollywood stars can't avoid grief down this way."
Wow, could you imagine getting into a bar fight with all 152 pounds of Shia LaBeouf. I wouldn't know whether to actually beat his ass or just start laughing. I've seen kittens more intimidating than him . . . evil fucking kittens. *shudders*

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  • Crazy_Hater

    Good, hope the stupid motherfucker got his ass beat, if not there's always hope.

  • det. Lastrade

    HELLO HELLO evening all, Watson it seems our young Mr Le Beouf has missed placed his fedora,Blimey Shelock,with a big head like that it's amazing he keeps it on at all,elementary my dear Watson, don't call me dear Sherlock unless you mean it

  • Jerome

    It is good that it wasn't Kris Brown or Kanye West in that fight. They are warriors who don't take Shit off people. There would have been blood all over the floor and walls, and it won't be black blood. Jus Sayin

  • Crazy_Hater

    You are a clueless asshole ain't you jackass. There would be blood and it would be from both those cunts Chrissy & Kunte. Word!

  • Tonka

    A well dodgy area SE14 , thought he would be in the West End rather than a Old Kent Road bar

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