It's Kelly Ripa shopping in New York! -- hopefully for makeup


  • LuvChild

    Kelly has a body built for wild sex. Who cares about the face?

  • Wierd Sam

    In dim light, she looks just fine. Worst comes to worst she can always be done from the rear. She is a fine piece of meat


    Kelly,you look fine but after 10 years of working with you ,you would'nt once give old Reege a BJ or even a sniff of your cooch,hope Joy isn't reading this

  • Strahan

    It's Friday and I'M HORNY. The only thing I'm gonna "Ripa" is dat tiny firm ass. Bitch look tired! The rug looks like it match those drapes too. WHAT RUG? Ho gots da small thin grass landing strip on the mound. I lets her take me to lunch when I'm done with her. Girl be making mad money.

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