Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher out and about in Studio City (10/26)

There's been a rumor floating around since Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore split up that they were never technically married, but instead participated in some lame Kabbalah ceremony. That certainly explains why the two haven't signed divorce papers yet, and now Mila Kunis wants Ashton to not act like a douchebag and just admit the truth. Ouch, that might be tough for him. From the National Enquirer:
"Mila's sick and tired of people saying she's dating a married man and wants Ashton to come clean about his phony wedding to Demi," said a source close to her. "She's tired of the deception, and her family -- who actually adore Ashton -- are fed up trying to explain to friends that their daughter really isn't involved with a married man."

The problem? "Ashton says he wants to come clean - but refuses to be the one to reveal the marriage scam," said the source. "He feels he's embarrassed Demi enough over the years with his very public affairs, and he doesn't want to cause her anymore emotional distress. He told Mila he's pleaded with Demi to tell the truth about their so-called 'marriage' and says she keeps refusing. But Mila just keeps on pushing! So Ashton finally conceded that if Demi doesn't 'fess up soon, he'll be forced to!" (Print Edition - 11/12)
Do you know what makes me sick and tired, friends? It's that Mila is upset that the world's biggest douchebag is being a total douchebag. Look, Mila's never gonna get the guy who drove former A-lister Demi Moore into rehab for huffing paint to do the right thing. Ashton is a jackass, and he does things that only other jackasses can appreciate (I'm surprised Sean Penn and he haven't jerked each other off yet). Now the sooner Mila learns this fact of life, the better chance her career has of surviving a relationship with the anal wart who introduced the world to trucker hats.

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