Lindsay Lohan settles limo lawsuit

Well this is strange. TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan settled up with a limo company who claimed she owed them close to $100k. Of course they took her to court to get paid, but still, this is progress. Baby steps, Lindsay, baby steps.
Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services sued the actress, claiming she used their primo services (we're talking up to $6k /hour) from February to May 2009, but never paid the bill. They claimed she racked up a tab of $90,585.79. LiLo and the limo company settled their beef by striking a deal outside the courtroom and we're told Lindsay coughed up close to the full amount she owed. The case was dismissed by both parties this week.
Wow, what a huge relief for Lindsay to get this case off her back. No one wants to deal with 28 separate lawsuits hanging over their head. Finally, she can just relax and deal with only 27. Everything's coming up Lindsay!

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  • Winslow

    Lets not forget that it was only a few months ago that Lindsay, at great risk to her own life, jumped into the middle of a pack of wild dingos. She beat the wild beasts off of a young boy they were mauling and saved his life. Being the modest and humble person she is, Lindsay did not brag or allow the incident to be known to the media.

  • perry mason

    by striking a deal outside the courtroom and we're told Lindsay "coughed" up close to the full amount she owed.
    which explains the carpet and grass stains on her knees

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