Kim Kardashian's car in Miami (11/5)

Just a heads up to all the handicapped people in Miami -- if you're looking for a parking spot and you see a black Rolls Royce in one of them, that's Kim Kardashian and she's more important than you. Maybe next time you should take a cab, buddy.

*5 Kim Kardashian pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kim Kardashian Handicapped Spot 1
  • Kim Kardashian Handicapped Spot 2
  • Kim Kardashian Handicapped Spot 3
  • Kim Kardashian Handicapped Spot 4
  • Kim Kardashian Handicapped Spot 5
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  • lawn

    Stupidity isn't a handicap. Please park somewhere else.

  • $1014741

    really looking forward to the day this cunt is broke.

  • rita meter maid

    she should have a van with a wheelchair ramp to move that giant ASS around I call Kim an asshat but there isn,t a hat large enough

  • Crazy_Hater

    Stupid fucking Cunt! Maybe you need to have you spine snapped or lose a leg or two so you might fucking understand the need and proper use of a Handicapped parking spot. Your mental handicaps DO NOT Qualify Bitch!

  • Shanna

    If you look closer, b*tch actually took TWO spots!

  • Dr noooooo

    She is absolutely the most useless POS..Hope she gets hit by a city bus crossing the street .

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