Kanye West on his way to Hakkasan Restaurant in Mayfair, London (11/10)

Kanye West ate shit last week in London while on his way to dinner at Hakkasan Restaurant. I don't mean literally . . . but, as part of the Kardashian clan, is that really out of the realm of possibility? "Kanye, this is Kris. We need something shocking for the season finale and that bitch Kourtney is refusing to get an abortion."

*10 Kanye West pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kanye West Clumsy 1
  • Kanye West Clumsy 2
  • Kanye West Clumsy 3
  • Kanye West Clumsy 4
  • Kanye West Clumsy 5
  • Kanye West Clumsy 6
  • Kanye West Clumsy 7
  • Kanye West Clumsy 8
  • Kanye West Clumsy 9
  • Kanye West Clumsy 10
  • Crazy_Hater

    No, he's a fucking, useless piece-of-shit! His fucking head is so full of shit he has a hard time standing up. To bad useless motherfucking bitch. Hope you face plant you dumb-ass in a pool of acid.

  • steppin conn yay

    I'z ah cumminz missy kims but deez Londunz sidewalkes show iz bumpee and my feets ain't ah steppin so goodz yesssumm good godz ohmitee praize Obamas

  • Winslow

    It's true, Lindsay Lohan really did save a little boy from a pack of wild dingos.

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