It's Kirstie Alley arriving at a grocery store in Beverly Hills! No wonder she looks so happy . . .



    hi can you tell which isle the CRISCO is in ,I NEED IT FOR MY SHAMPOO AND MAKEUP

  • Floyd Moist

    Nasty looking crazy azz jewess blimp. EW!

  • blimpy goodstein

    vat is that the GOODSTEIN BLIMP oy vay such a blimp

  • master yoda

    Hooray. Hulk Hogan finally broke down and got those hair implants. About time.

  • Pee Wee Herman

    For fuck sag hag! Run a fucking brush through that filthy rats nest! Looks like she combed her hair with a firecracker. It's OK if you're fat and fugly, but you can at least attempt a little makeup and fix your god damn hair!

  • dunkin doohnutts

    ummmm me love donuts

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