Christina Aguilera at the launch party for the new Samsung Galaxy Note II in Beverly Hills (10/25)

Christina Aguilera basically hates Lady Gaga because she's more popular than her. And has a lower body fat percentage. Weird -- Christina doesn't seem like the type to be a petty little bitch like that (yes I'm being sarcastic). An insider told Star:
"Christina is threatened by any successful woman, but Gaga really gets under her skin. Christina's fragrance line is her baby, and she's extremely territorial - especially since her album sales have tanked."

"When Gaga first arrived on the scene, Christina predicted she'd be a one-hit wonder. It drives her crazy that she was so wrong," says the insider, adding that Xtina may not stop with just words. "Christina can be really low-class and has been saying she wants to kick Gaga's ass! They could easily end up at the same party, especially with the holidays coming up. Things could really get out of hand." (Print Edition - 11/12)
It's true that, professionally speaking, Lady Gaga is stomping a mudhole into Christina and walking it dry. She's far more successful than Christina ever was and it will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future. But you know what Christina has that Gaga doesn't? One of those chair elevator thingies that carry you up the stairs so you don't have to walk up. Hah! Suck on that Gaga!

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  • dia

    OK READ THIS PLEASE! it might seem long and stupid but it makes a lot of sense. i know you prefer shakira but that does not give you the right to insult christina in such ways. I also used to think she was snobby and bitchy but that was until i started my psych degree about a year and a half ago. now i understand her and why she acts the way she does. She puts this strong badass lady figure up for herself but the truth is she is probably very vulnerable. You need to realize that this woman was ABUSED as a child. you have no idea how much that changes a person for the rest of their lives. i see it everyday during my internships! she has this wall built up and her husband was probably the first person she truly trusted and that ended bad also. so she most definitely has trust issues and fears getting hurt over and over again. That is why things got so ugly with tony lucca two season ago. she may have acted bitchy towards him during that performance of 99 problems but i can assure you that after she probably went in her trailer and cried her eyes out because of how much adam hurt her! she did not have an easy life ya know? and being in the spotlight 24/7 i am sure did not help at making things better. especially when people were insulting her all the time. she is famous and keeping up a strong image is important fro her because being bullied by the media is incredibly easy in hollywood. and she is getting bullied by so many people right now! imagine how she felt when people kept telling her she was a fat cow because she gained weight. she was going through a divorce and was afraid her son will have the type of childhood she had. she probably had a depression and people don't even realize that and bash on her. its so mean!!! you may prefer shakira over xtina but dont insult her because trust me, she has had enough of that in her life from everyone, including her father! and don't try to contradict me because i know what i'm talking about! I would have much more to explain about the subject but it would take too long! I see this all the time with people who were abused as kids! GIVE HER A DAMN BREAK

  • Justin

    I love Christina's voice but she has a reputation around hollywood as being a bitch and a diva. She needs to humble herself, lets be real, she hasnt had a hit song since her back to basics album. Floptina needs to re-evaluate the way she presents herself. Gaga respects and loves her fans.

  • Josh

    Well, X has one thing no one else on earth does, and that is her AAA rated voice.

  • Drew P. Weiner

    Christina Aguilera looks EXACTLY like the love child of Snooki & Miss Piggy now.

  • $26176614

    fat pig trying to remain relevant

  • Morgan

    Not so. She is a sexy, loving, humble and very modest lady. P.S. she is loaded with talent.

  • blaize

    And body-shaming? Really? Christina isn't skinny, but she's not obese either. Lady Gaga has gained weight too. It looks better on her because she's taller than Christina. I doubt weight is even an issue between them, since Christina's diss occurred before she gained the weight. How immature.

  • blaize

    Sounds like the author of this post is the real petty bi*ch. You don't know Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga, so who are you to judge? How do you know for sure that Christina Aguilera is still jealous of/still hates Lady Gaga? From what I've heard, Christina's real issue wasn't with Gaga, but with what Gaga's fans were saying about her. That's why she (Christina) made that catty comment about her 3 years ago. Since then, both of the pop stars have said that there's no feud between them and we haven't heard either of them say anything negative about eachother. It's the media and fans who love to stir up drama. Star isn't exactly a reputable source- they're known for their lies.

  • dr.assman

    let the celuite cottage cheese ass fights begin winner takes on world champ Kim K

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