Shockingly, Tyra Banks' new show to be about herself

You'll never guess what Tyra Banks' new show is about . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . .  herself! I know, right? I'm stunned. From the New York Post:
Entrepreneurial model Tyra Banks has sold a scripted show based on her life to ABC. The creator of America's Next Top Model has sold Fivehead, a comedy based on the beauty's teen years as she made her way through high school in LA to the biggest catwalks in fashion. The title is a play on Banks' notable forehead. She's reportedly co-creating and executive-producing the show with longtime friend and TV writer Kenya Barris.
"Fivehead." That's an interesting name for one of the most uninteresting people ever born. Come on, ABC, you guys can do better than that. Don't let yourselves think for a minute that you dummies can recreate the genius of a "show about nothing" like Seinfeld by creating a show that will literally be nothing. A show about a woman who can't stop talking about herself wouldn't even work on TLC, and those freaks even gave a show to Kate Gosselin and Honey Boo Boo. In conclusion, Honey Boo Boo > Tyra Banks.

*11 Tyra Banks pictures total in the gallery:

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  • jay

    Well, I hope she won't shy away from discussing her balding head, fake eyes and etc.

  • Chris rock's lawyer

    Anybody else feel like this screams, "beautiful Everybody Hates Chris?"

  • Sheena

    Less then one in a million could lead the life she has led, done the things she has done and created what she has created. There should be a show to highlight her rare and magnificent life. You go girl.

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