Tim Robbins has way too much free time on his hands

Tim Robbins is going to prison. But not in the anal rapey kind of way. He's going to teach an acting class to prisoners in Norco, California. Of course. In Texas they execute their prisoners. In California we teach them how to cry on cue. Via Contact Music:
The Shawshank Redemption star Tim Robbins is heading back behind bars to give acting lessons to prisoners. Robbins, who played jailed banker Andy Dufresne in the 1994 classic, is holding weekly five-hour classes for inmates at the medium-security California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, California. The classes are run by The Actors' Gang, a theatre company set up by a group of screen stars including Robbins in 1981.

He tells CBS Los Angeles, "They're asked to do things they've never been asked to do in their life - open up emotionally, and put make-up on and costumes on, and pretend to be people. It's weird stuff. You never are encouraged to express your emotions in prison, and this class says it's okay to feel this kind of emotion, to respond with fear to a threat, to have empathy for someone that is constantly hostile. It's okay to laugh at the absurdity of a situation."
What the hell is this? Tim can't get anybody to watch his movies, so now he's teaching bad acting to convicts. Something tells me that the "Presentational" and "Representational" method classes won't be nearly as well attended as the "I Need to Act Like I'm Sorry at My Probation Hearing" method class. Maybe when Tim is done with the convicted rapists and murderers, he can find some time to work on Hugo Chavez's comedic timing.

*10 Tim Robbins pictures total in the gallery:

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  • BensDad

    I thought Susan was so much woman that she could keep two men busy and happy all day and half the night.

  • Crazy_Hater

    Great, now we'll have a bunch a criminals that not only are crooks but can "act" like assholes. Tim Robbins is about as clueless as they come and his idea of help is just further proof of how "out of touch" the fucking Liberal Hollywood morons really are. Tim, you are a complete idiot if you truly think you're helping society. Jackass!

  • The Original Violet

    In the US, we imprison more people than any country in the world. Both in simple numbers and per capita. The majority of prisoners are in for drug-related crimes, not rape and murder. Most will get out. With felony records, they will be hard-pressed to find work and housing.

    Someone goes to a hopeless place and gives hopeless people a tiny glimpse of a different, far better way to live. And you find that effort ridiculous? Do you really want to strip prisoners of even more of their humanity? Keeping in mind that most of them WILL be back in our communities, as our neighbors, as the homeless people we pass on the street... Really?

  • Boone

    If ya can't do the time, don't do the crime. Don't do drugs and ya got nothing to worry about.

  • Jus Saying

    I would think Susan Sharadon could keep his free time occupied. And keep him drained and happy.

  • SevenCostanza

    Hey Tim, how about donating your time to people who don't kill and rape?

  • m.freeman

    maybe Tim and Susan can put on their two person show called " butt rape in cellblock 8"

  • eandawenio

    Good idea, maybe after his exhaustive battery of lessons the criminals will be able to more effectively act their way out of going back to jail. On the other hand, this is a demonstration of just how meaningless and empty his acting career really is.

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