Taylor Swift filming her new music video in Paris (10/1)

There's a rumor floating around that Taylor Swift cheated on current boyfriend Conor Kenendy with his cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger (no relation to Arnold . . . oh wait, that's his son . . . I confused him with another Patrick Schwarzenegger). Not true, a "Kennedy source" told the New York Post:
A Star report today blares "Two-Timing Taylor" and claims she cheated on new love Conor Kennedy with his cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger. According to so-called "Kennedy family insiders, Star claimed, "Taylor was making out with Patrick all night" at a family event she attended "with Conor."

The magazine does not explain where or when the party took place, but says "Conor doesn't know but everyone else in the family does."

But Kennedy sources tell us the story is "categorically untrue" and that Taylor and Conor "are totally in love."
So what if she did? I know that Taylor has cultivated this "good girl" image ever since she was assaulted by Kanye West at the Grammys a few years ago, but there's no need for her to get defensive about her cheating ways. Taylor just needs to be careful about not being too visible with her adultery -- those Kennedys aren't known to be too gentle with two-timin' women. For example, never go swimming or golfing with a Kennedy after you've crossed them -- you never know if you might "drown" in two feet of water or get in the way of a long drive even though you're sitting in your bedroom. What, too much history?

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  • JimmyThr

    So I'm the only one that thinks it's most shocking that Schwarzenegger is a Kennedy

  • Impressed

    When the hell did Swift's boobs get so big?

  • LuvChild

    When she matured, that and a lot of fondling, and sucking, helped increase their size.

  • Frank

    The Kennedy men are known for sharing their women, and making a girl into a sandwitch filler. Taylor was warned about the Kennedys, and she failed to heed the warnings. So, no matter what happens its her own fault and no pity for her.

  • ted from the dead

    er ah Taylor, prahaaps you didn't er read the ah small print on your ah Kennedy relationship er ah connetract but it ah simply states ah in ah paragrahhff 25 that ah when you have ah romantic relationship with the ah Kennedy man you are ah obliged to ah have relations with all ah Kennedy men anhnd you should also have ah red cross lifesaver swimming certificate

  • JusTheTruth

    It is an honor to be passed from one Kennedy man to another, often in the same night.

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