According to Radar, Joe Simpson not only has a 21-year-old boyfriend (Bryce Chandler Hill), but that 21-year-old boyfriend is using him just to get famous. I swear, you can't have a secret gay affair anymore without someone trying to take advantage of you. A source told the site:
"Joe Simpson being outed by the National Enquirer was no surprise to the gay community in Hollywood, Bryce has been bragging about hooking up with Joe for a while now," a source close to Hill revealed. "Bryce is close to TJ Espinoza, who in turn is good friends with both Jessica and Ashlee and worked for Britney Spears as a back-up dancer. TJ introduced Bryce to the Simpsons - and that's how he met Joe. Bryce claims he's been dating Joe for roughly a year and absolutely loves to boast about it because he loves being the center of attention. He's also been quick to tell anyone that will listen that he's using Joe to climb the showbiz ladder.

"Bryce is desperate to become famous, he's done lots of modeling shoots and wants to become an actor. When he met Joe, he knew what a good job he had done in managing Jessica and Ashlee's careers and wanted a piece of the pie himself. But the sad thing is, he mocks and laughs at Joe behind his back. He doesn't care for him in the same way Joe does about him. Bryce has been boasting about this for months, but no one believed him at first," the source divulged.
Hey gays, see why us straights can't trust you? Most of us don't have a problem with you fellas using your assholes as catcher's mitts, but we do have a problem with your inability to keep your fucking mouths shut. The man code counts for you, too. Can't a man lovingly look into another man's eyes while unloading his seed deep into his butthole without it becoming media fodder? Hey wait, I guess he can't. Sorry Joe, but I have a car payment to make.

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  • Crazy_Hater

    Yeah his name is Fag Gotty.... just saying... Hollywood Assholes!

  • Achmed

    It is so good of Joe to take a young man under his wing and mentor him. We need more celeb dads like him.

  • dr.proctolocyst

    caption reads" Bryce can get all five fingers up my butt but now we are trying for his whole fist"

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