Jessica Biel leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood (10/1)

I know Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are planning on getting married, but I hope for Justin's sake, the wedding isn't within the next few days.

"You may now kiss the bride . . . or you know, air kiss her."

*10 Jessica Biel pictures total in the gallery:

  • Jessica Biel Herpes 1
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 2
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 3
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 4
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 5
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 6
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 7
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 8
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 9
  • Jessica Biel Herpes 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • I hate stupid people

    So it looks like you have to have the IQ of a fruit fly to post on this. She has a cold sore, yes, it is herpes, but it's not an STD, you can get it just be sharing a soda can with someone. It's highly contagious which is why nearly 80% of the world's current population has this virus in their bodies as we speak. Some people get visible cold sores, some people don't. Chances are, if you're not having outbreaks, YOU have it lying dormant in your body right now. Grow up and get educated. You people are pathetic. And stupid. By the way, the chicken pox is also a herpes virus (herpes zoster), so if you ever had that, then I guess you're as disgusting as Jessica Biel too.

  • joey hah hah biden

    no worries, just BJ irratation from Just-In,Ibelive she has opened her mouth as a rest home for retired semen

  • Matt

    If that is true it is probably syphilis or chancre.

  • Jean Morel

    I'd kiss the hell out of that mouth...

  • Madge The Nurse

    She belongs in a contagion ward until that lesion can be diagnosed.

  • Brad

    Amen to that. She is a danger to mankind.

  • Chevy Chase

    Could care less. I'd let the whole world know I got my lip ladybug from her.

  • Matt

    syphilis? Chancre? Plague buboe? Lip cancer? hepavirus? or hopefully herpes? Not a good sign. Justin might be better off, seeing if the Britster is available for marriage.

  • Jean Morel

    If you think Britney isn't shick-full of STDs

  • Bill

    The Herp...a "lovely parting gift" from Jeter.

  • I hate stupid people

    You're a moron. Chances are, Biel has had this since she was a pre schooler. That's when around 75% of people contract herpes symplex. I suppose a simple google search on this subject would be asking to much of someone who probably can't even tie their own shoes.

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