Fergie arriving on a flight at LAX airport (10/9)

In an interview last week with Oprah on her network (that's why no one actually saw it), Fergie admitted that, back in the day when she was hooked on meth, she used to weigh 90 pounds. Paging Jessica Simpson . . .
"My brain had been playing a lot of tricks on me. You're kind of living in this alternate reality. I started getting really paranoid. So I went one day into this church and I thought that the FBI and the SWAT teams were outside the church ... so I had a conversation with God ... and I said, 'Alright, if I go out there and the FBI and the SWAT team's not out there, then it's the drugs and I'm stopping.'

"I went outside of the church ... and there was no SWAT team, there was no FBI, just me and God. And I kept my promise. That day. That was it ... At first, with any drug, it's great in the beginning, then slowly your life starts to spiral down. [I was] 90 pounds at one point."
So were the FBI and/or SWAT team after Fergie or what? You know, the bright spot about drug abuse is that it makes boring people fun, and fun people awesome. Fergie sounds like a ton of fun -- or at least she will be if she keeps gaining weight. I wonder if she thought the government was coming after her for being too fat, or pissing her pants in public? As any doctor can tell you, weighing more than 90 lbs. and losing control of your bladder in public aren't illegal, just reprehensible.

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