Cee-Lo at Arena Nightclub in Montreal (6/9)

Cee Lo is being investigated by the LAPD for sexual assault. Details are still a little sketchy, but there is an active investigation under way for the alleged assault that occurred at a restaurant in Downtown L.A. What a little tattletale. TMZ says:
Our sources say detectives have already visited a restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles in connection with the case and questioned several employees, including the manager.   We do not know if the alleged incident occurred at the restaurant. The LAPD is mum on the identity of the alleged victim, when and where the incident allegedly occurred, and what Cee Lo allegedly did.

Cee Lo tells TMZ he categorically denies ANY wrongdoing. In fact, the singer says he hasn't been to the restaurant in question in 3 months ... and insists, "Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else."

The investigation is in its infancy ... no charges have been filed and the case has not been referred to prosecutors.
Yeah, this reeks of bullshit. Cee Lo doesn't need to sexually assault anyone. He could have any woman on earth -- even if he wasn't famous . . . wait, that's Cee Lo?

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