Jessica Simpson's enormous boobs are holding her back

Jessica Simpson says she can't fully get into her post-pregnancy exercise program because her boobs are still way too big. Excuses, excuses. They're like cupcakes to Jessica: She can't get enough of them. From her interview in USA Today (like a real newspaper, but for dumb people):
"I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it," says the singer, actress and fashion designer. "I wanted to be happy and eat what I wanted. One of her favorite indulgences during pregnancy: macaroni and cheese.

On May 1, Simpson gave birth to her first child, 9-pound,13-ounce Maxwell Drew, her daughter with fiance Eric Johnson, a former NFL tight end.

"I didn't realize it (the weight) didn't all come off with the baby," she says.

Besides monitoring her food intake, Simpson says, she's doing about 60 minutes of cardio exercise a day, mostly walking, in preparation for getting in shape for the next season of NBC's Fashion Star. "My boobs are way too big to run at this point. I'm just walking."
You damn straight Jessica Simpson is taking about being fat. She didn't write the book on smoking hot chicks eating so much that they created their own gravity field (that honor belongs to Kirstie Alley), but she certainly wrote the follow up -- and probably ate the paper it was written on. And before I forget, since it's not 2004 anymore, Jessica can bring up her enormous tits all she wants -- it does absolutely nothing for me. Lose the 150 lbs you've gained since you won the chili cook-off a few years ago, then we'll sit down and talk . . . and by "talk" I mean I'll come over and watch you do jumping jacks.

*10 Jessica Simpson enormous boobs pictures total in the gallery:

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