Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson arriving on a flight at JFK airport in New York (9/9)

Jessica Simpson was spotted at JFK airport last night, and I must admit, she does look less fat. She should totally write an inspirational book about how, with a team of personal chefs and trainers that cost hundreds of dollars an hour, anyone can lose weight. Feel good literary hit of the year!

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  • HeadHaunchos

    She looks 'less fat' in the airport pictures because she is wearing 1 of the 2 pairs of pants our company (Hold Your Haunches) gifted her. She appears much slimmer because the pants have a FULL GIRDLE LINER. Strange how she is not sharing this info with all the 'regular' new moms that she so identifies with-

  • Robsright

    I guess when you get sponsorship from a big company like Weight Watchers it comes with a team of people who attempt to clean up your image on the internet- or you sit in front of the computer reading gossip blogs and commenting on yourself with as much BS as you can cram. This chick is irrelevant and FAT, PERIOD. So tired of her "life is not about being thin" routine. are not relevant in this life, and you are FAT. Guess what, when you were thin I'd buy a magazine with you on the cover and pray that the pages were laminated. Now I couldn't be less interested. You also look like a retard with those glasses on. They are not flattering for you.

    Anna Nicole Smith minus the drugs. (In terms of intellect and beauty).

  • Nick Manning

    I don't care what anyone says. I would do Jessica once a day, every day then five times on the weekend.

  • Robsright

    Chubby Chaser

  • Robsright

    She's on the show "Katie" right now. Looks fat! Wearing a girdle! Wearing big hair to hide her fat cheeks. Whining about her public perception. Get on a treadmill and shut up.

  • Molly

    Jess is a beautiful lady that is statuesque and curvy

  • Robsright

    If it's a statue of the globe.


    I don't know who that is behind the sunglasses but where's Jessica? IF TRUE SELL YOUR McDONALDS STOCK

  • Robsright

    Keep the McDonalds stock and buy stock in Spanx (apparently they're making girdles out of kryptonite now to keep Jessica packed tight).

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