Demi Moore arriving at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood (9/19)

After being lost in the desert for three months, Demi Moore was finally rescued earlier this week, and went out for dinner in West Hollywood last night. Wait, what's that? She wasn't actually lost in the desert for three months? Are you . . . sure?

*6 Demi Moore pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Gaunt Demi Moore 2
  • Gaunt Demi Moore 3
  • Gaunt Demi Moore 4
  • Gaunt Demi Moore 5
[Pacific Coast News]
  • Mark The Man

    Demi looks pathetic, like really bad. What is wrong with her? why so sad looking? She has everything, she should be happy.

  • Marcy

    Demi looks awful, she is disheveled, distraught looking, she looks like she has been starving herself, and has a haunted look on her face. What is wrong with her, why is she looking this way? Seriously, Demi need professional help.

  • demitasse moreorless

    trick or treat smell my boney feet but please gimme something to eat I will gladly pay you Teusday for a Cabbalha with cream cheese and lox today

  • Bubba

    Someone please feed this woman a double cheeseburger and frys. She is looking awful peaked, skinny and starved. I bet ya she isn't eating properly. Oh yea, she also looks worried about something.

  • Martin

    From her looks Demi needs to seek professional help from either a Geek or a Scientologist. She needs to go someplace quite and secluded and get her head straight.

  • Doris

    Ashton is a cad and a bounder to make this poor wonderful woman suffer so. He is truely a swine. Demi has done so much to help others and enliven our culture over the years. Seeing her in such pain and rejection makes me want to scream and weep.

  • hardfu

    Yes because her portrayal of the life and trails of a stripper were heartfelt. What do you think happens when you are with someone 20 years younger then you...

  • Morgan

    Demi looks like she is suffering from chronic lack of Ashton man juice. Only a infusion of Ashton bodily fluids will revive her. She is also grieving because she no longer has Ashton's strong arms around her. Ashton must return to Demi, only he can save this worthy and lonely woman.

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