Chris Brown violates probation

During his probation hearing yesterday in L.A., it was revealed that Chris Brown tested positive for marijuana earlier this year in Virginia. Before the hearing, Rihanna tweeted:
"@chrisbrown I'm praying for you and wishing u the best today!"
Looks like Chris let Rihanna down yet again, because he'll be back in court on November 1 for a probation violation hearing. From the New York Daily News:
The drug test, done June 18, wasn't ordered by his California judge. But random testing is customary in Brown's former home state of Virginia, where he's been serving the community labor requirement of his 2009 felony.

"You apparently did have a drug test, and that drug test came out positive for marijuana," Los Angeles judge Patricia Schnegg said as Brown listened intently. He wore a tie, a white dress shirt, jeans and a black and grey vest.

Schnegg said Brown told Virginia probation officials he had a medical marijuana card and that the weed was consumed legally in California.
Tough break for Chris, but based on past behavior, I'm positive he can beat this. When he puts his mind to it, Chris can damn near beat anything. Except things that hit back.

*5 Chris Brown pics total in the gallery:

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