Amanda Bynes is still driving on a suspended license

Amanda Bynes was pulled over in Hollywood on Sunday night because her headlights weren't on, and incredibly, officers didn't ask to see her driver's license. Which is awesome for Amanda because it's suspended. From the L.A. Times:
Los Angeles police officers stopped Bynes in the Hollywood area and informed her she was driving without lights after dark, police said. LAPD Lt. Andrew Nieman said the officers informed Bynes for safety purposes and are not required in such cases to ask for or to run a driver's license. They did not do so in this case, he said.
Strung-out looking bitch driving around a city full of pedestrians at night without her lights on in a BMW with more dings on it than a rental car. Nope, no problem there at all. The LAPD needs to stop hassling honest citizens like Amanda and focus on those criminals that pose a real danger to society. Like my neighbor who built a shed that encroaches five feet onto my easement. Motherfucker didn't even get a permit!

*5 Amanda Bynes pictures total in the gallery:

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