Selena Gomez on the set of While I'm Dead...Feed The Dog in L.A. (8/4)

Flynet says that Selena Gomez might have a "Bieber bun in the oven" after she was spotted with a noticeable bulge in her stomach Saturday on the set of her new film. No, no, no, Justin is doing this all wrong. First you grow pubic hair, and then you impregnate your girlfriend. Not the other way around. Silly little kid.

*20 Selena Gomez pictures total in the gallery:

  • Selena Pregnant 1
  • Selena Pregnant 2
  • Selena Pregnant 3
  • Selena Pregnant 4
  • Selena Pregnant 5
  • Selena Pregnant 6
  • Selena Pregnant 7
  • Selena Pregnant 8
  • Selena Pregnant 9
  • Selena Pregnant 10
  • Selena Pregnant 11
  • Selena Pregnant 12
  • Selena Pregnant 13
  • Selena Pregnant 14
  • Selena Pregnant 15
  • Selena Pregnant 16
  • Selena Pregnant 17
  • Selena Pregnant 18
  • Selena Pregnant 19
  • Selena Pregnant 20
  • Col

    Did anyone think that she might have just put on a little weight? Of course not. That would be to simple and not exciting at all.

  • jay

    That isn't a baby, it's an Alien. Look closely and you can make out the eyes and lips.

  • noneya

    You know what would suck the most and make you look bad is if she just gained a little bit of weight and is indeed not pregnant. I love how the paparazzi starts a bunch of bullshit rumors and people actually believe it. Hope this one blows right back up in your face.

  • arnold

    she's not pregnant or fat. these scenes are from a movie she's filming

  • Morecowbell74

    Calm down, it's just a food baby.

  • Lol

    Looks like 2 eyes a nose & smile to me.

  • Crazy_Hater

    Oh shit, the world really is coming to an end. When the Devil gets popped by the useless Cocksucker Bieber it's all over!! This is worse than if the Slut Kim Kardasian got plugged by this wasted little Asshole! So long world, it was great!


    a little bit of Biber in my life and now he needs to make her his wife[ you know the song]


    hey teeny weeney BIEBER got it just-in and shot his itty bitty load and that kids is the story of the BIRDS AND THE BIEBERS

  • Kristainlewis

    leave the girl alone even if she is shes gonna have a beautiful baby

  • JustJilly

    Not sweet and good Justin. An incubus of the devil. She is evil.

  • Dan

    your a retard

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