Salma Hayek in the September issue of Vogue Germany

Salma Hayek's fans in Mexico are mad because they think she's forgotten all about her Mexican heritage. Because that's the biggest problem for people in Mexico right now. Worrying about how celebrities think of themselves. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:
"I am proud to have been involved in this film with all these great actors. Honestly, I hardly had any memories of what it is to be Mexican. My life is completely different now."

But Hayek's comments, which were printed in [Vogue Germany], have hit a nerve with several of her followers, who have accused the actress of distancing herself from her roots following her permanent move to her husband's native France.

A blogger on the website Guanabee writes, "What did Salma mean by basically saying she forgot what it's like to be a Mexican woman? That she's too French and rich for our blood?"

Another reader on comments, "never forget where you come from salma. always be proud. remember as fast as money comes it can be taken away."
Come on, fans. Just relax for a little bit and let's all enjoy Salma's rack for a few minutes. I'm kind of embarrassed for you guys since you're clearly listening to what she says and not fapping to what she wears. Salma is better than her Mexican heritage? Big deal. I knew about that long before these comments. What part of Mexico do you think gave her that wacky accent? I'll assume that it must be the Mexican town Tina Turner is from, because that's the only other person on this planet who sounds like that. Personally, I don't care if Salma admits to being a member of an Al Qaeda sleeper cell as long as she keeps wearing everything high and tight.

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  • chris

    She IS Mexican, and half Lebanese, but she hardly lived in mexico. I think she was 12 when she was sent to Lousiana to study, so she's hardly mexican at ALL. (and I'm saying this as a mexican living in coatzacoalcos)

  • haaayak

    Mexican, ju know de onleey think Mexoceen about me iz mi maid,mi gardeener and mi poolboy ju peonz

  • Frank

    Mexican???? She is Hispanic (Spain) and lives in France.And, she is very generous with her breast milk. She is willing to share with the unfortunate and hungry. Salma is like a demi-angel.

  • Hypocrite Salma is half Lebanese, as everyione knows....

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