Prince Harry at The Dark Knight Rises premiere afterparty in London (7/18)

More pictures of Prince Harry on his infamous Vegas trip last week are being shopped around, and he ain't standing in front of the Bellagio Fountains. Penis. I'm talking about penis. From the New York Daily News:
Brace yourself, Harry. A prominent British public relations guru said Friday he'd been approached by two women who claimed to have more material on Prince Harry, raising the possibility that the world may soon be seeing more compromising images of the British royal.

In a telephone interview, publicist Max Clifford said he had been called by two American women who claim they were in the prince's hotel room in the U.S. last week. Clifford, a savvy operator famous for negotiating kiss-and-tell interviews, said the women "said they had lots of interesting things: pictures, video, that kind of thing."

He said he turned them down.
Prince William might be the future King of England, but we all know that it's Prince Harry who fucking rules, bitch. What? You really didn't think that I'd trash the Prince, did you? He's doing what royalty is supposed to to -- which is to aim that unclipped custard gun at the faces of club sluts from around the world. It's just too bad the chicks in Vegas are such backstabbing bitches. Harry, next time you want to party and not have chicks take pictures of you with their cameraphones, stick to one of those uncivilized colonies you see in National Geographic. Preferably one that your family ran a hundred years ago. That's one helluva pick-up line.

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