Kris Jenner is drunk

Kris Jenner went out to eat at Casa Vega on Saturday night with daughter Khloe and family friend Nicole Richie, and maybe she should have stopped after her fourth margarita? You can tell Casa Vega is a Mexican restaurant because of Kris' sombrero. Mexicans love when you honor their culture by wearing a sombrero at their restaurants. Heck, I keep one in my trunk just in case.

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  • Van

    Now that is a real MILF. I would drag my nut over red hot coals to spend a night with her.

  • Crazy_Hater

    Well I never! What kinda SLUT are you? What will your children think, oh that's right, they're a bunch of HOs already. Now I know where they get it from you stupid BITCH!

  • BensDad

    Those Armenian - Mexican sheepherder wives maintain their good looks. It is a trait of the Armenian women to remain beautifull from age 13 until they are in their 70s. It is a sign of favor and respect when you go into an Armenian village, to be offered an Armenian grandmother to keep you warm during the night.

  • $1014741

    Connot wait til Kim K looks exactly as horrible as that woman. OMFG Shes NSFW! That is just grotesque.

  • Siggie

    This is how I got my 6 children with 3 different men, and they all work for me 10% baby. I'm PIMP KRIS who would do anything for money and attention. I am a horny granny.


    and this is how my daughters came to be ,a drunken Mexican whore and a horney Armenian sheperd / ambulance chaser AYE CARUMBA!!!!!!!!!

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