Jessica Biel in Powder Blue

Good news about Jessica Biel: She's open to more nudity (like when she stripped down for the 2009 film Powder Blue). This is a positive development. From The Sun:
After having appeared nude in one film, the straight-to-DVD Powder Blue, Jessica Biel wouldn't rule it out again. Jessica adds: "I did Powder Blue because I thought it was a powerful story. It's too bad that that film was never released in the theatres and all you see is what was put up on YouTube.

"The film was so much more interesting than seeing me strip off. If it's a good film and a good role and it makes sense for the character, I wouldn't mind doing nudity. You just want to be doing something where the nudity doesn't detract from the story and overshadows the rest of your work in the film."
I will worship whatever God makes this happen, this I promise. Jesus, Yahweh, Xenu, Porcelain, whoever. Jessica doesn't mind showing her assets to the masses, yet you bastards in Tinseltown haven't drop everything yet to make it happen again -- this is astonishing. Unless the reason has something to do with the end of the world in 2012, I find it disgraceful. Please let this be real. Now that the thought of Jessica Biel doing naked jumping jacks on film is in my head, I couldn't possibly go back to work. Hollywood powerbrokers, the people have spoken. We demand to see Jessica in all of her naked glory in the comfort of our local theaters. Don't do it just for us, do it for you; do it for your children; do it for your children's children. Hell, do it for America.

NOTE TO SELF: Destroy anyone and anything that stands in the way of me finding a copy of Powder Blue.

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