Amanda Bynes is in trouble

Being THE WORST DRIVER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET is finally catching up with Amanda Bynes. Back in April, she allegedly rear-ended a BMW in her rental car on the 101 in L.A. and took off (simple oversight, I'm sure). After initially rejecting the case because there were no independent witnesses, prosecutors -- perhaps using their brilliants minds to sense a pattern -- have now reopened the case because of the new hit-and-run Amanda got into earlier this month. Can someone buy this bitch a bus pass already? From TMZ:
We're told prosecutors have decided to re-open the April incident -- which means Amanda could end up with 2 misdemeanor hit-and-runs ... with each carrying a max sentence of 6 months.
Oh God, make it stop. I don't have the time nor patience to deal with a Lindsay Lohan clone wreaking havoc through Hollywood. We need to organize some kind of steel cage death match between Amanda and Lindsay to settle this dispute once and for all. We can have it in Mexico, international waters, or Florida. You can literally do anything there. Florida, I mean. Even Mexico and international waters have their limits.

*10 Amanda Bynes pictures total in the gallery:

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  • ella

    amanda is nothing like lindsay

  • AB

    Amanda for President

  • Crazy_Hater

    When are they going to pull this airheads license, after she kills someone? What do you morons have for brains? For shits sake she's a moving violation unto her self! Lock her dumb-ass up for the good of all the other crazy Hollywood Liberal assholes! FUCK!

  • Amanda Fan

    The local gestapo and media have a vendetta against poor Amanda. It makes me want to weep. This poor girl is so sweet and giving. She does a lot of volunteer charity work for free, and she teaches Sunday School at our church every Sunday. Amanda is very clean living, She doesn't drink or curse.

  • puteetang earnhardt jr

    comrades, this woman is a danger to world peace so I have decided to give the PUTEEMOBILE [see photo]

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