Scott Disick running errands in Calabasas (6/6)

While his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian sits at home eight months pregnant, Scott Disick is partying up a storm in Las Vegas. An insider tells Star about Scott's trip to the city last month:
"He was in the best spirits, joking with friends like Joe Francis and Scott Sartiano. They had dinner at Stack and then headed out to 1 Oak, where they partied at a VIP table until 3 a.m."

And Scott didn't seem to be missing his girlfriend, who could give birth at any time. "He wasn't really on his phone texting her or anything at the club or dinner," source says. "There was no clear indication that he missed Kourtney. He was doing shots and drinking beers at the club, watching his friends hit on girls. He was just having a blast."
Perhaps out of concern for the well-being of his pregnant girlfriend, Scott moved the party closer to home a few days later. What a gentleman:
"Scott was at Chateau Marmont [in West Hollywood] with two girls and three guys. Scott sat between the women and was flirting up a storm with them, telling them what a good guy he is. Meanwhile, he was boozing, getting close and basically cheating on his pregnant girlfriend! It was absolutely grotesque and humiliating for Kourtney."
So am I supposed to believe that the Kardashian family honor has been forever tarnished? Is that the message I should glean from this poorly-sourced piece of drivel? Look here, amateurs, Kourtney is loving the extra cover space she's getting in the supermarket rags, under the mistaken assumption that America will be sympathetic to her plight. It's the classic "naive housewife being taken advantage of" horseshit story, except that the wife happens to come from the most disingenuous and self-promoting family since the Hogans. Well, I say fuck that bullshit. Team KKK blew it once and for all when the sham marriage to the Neanderthal was exposed. Kourtney doesn't get a pass on this one, but she could get a mustache ride out of me. Hey, she's still the hottest of the non-jailbait Kardashians.

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