Scarlett Johansson out and about in New York (5/29)

What is it about Scarlett Johansson that draws the pussies of the dating world to her like moths to a flame, or Kirstie Alley to burgers with the word "triple" in their name? She needs to date a lumberjack or something. From the National Enquirer:
Scarlett Johansson's new man, Nate Taylor, is no superhero! The Avengers star and her boyfriend recently attempted to enjoy and evening at hip New York nightclub The Electric Room, but an out-of-control male fan upset the A-list actress.

"He just kept throwing his body toward her, dancing wildly, trying to talk to her and get her attention," an onlooker tells Star magazine. "He was relentless!" The 27 year-old actress was "visibly frustrated," but Nate, 38, "watched like a deer in headlights," the source reveals. Finally, Scarlett, in true Avenger form, "jumped up and alerted security, who built a wall of buff bouncers between the sexy movie actress and the threatening fan." (Print Edition - 6/15)
Scarlett Johansson is gonna have to make a decision soon. She's either gonna be with a mamma's boy who looks like he can handle himself like Ryan Reynolds, or be with a true sociopath like Sean Penn. There's no middle ground in Tinseltown, which is sad to say, but that's why guys like me are in such demand. I'm the definition of a man's man, Scarlett. I'll choke out any dancing bear that even slightly annoys you, and my oral skills have been favorably compared to prison lesbians. Do I make movies? No. But I'm perfectly willing to bring a camera phone to bed, just give us a chance, baby.

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