Rihanna leaving her hotel in London (6/25)

According to friends, Rihanna is ashamed and embarrassed that Drake and Chris Brown got into that fight over her last month at W.i.P. nightclub in New York, and has even gone as far as to cut off contact with both men. Nah, I'm totally kidding. That trashy bitch is eating the attention up with a proverbial spoon. From In Touch Weekly:
The altercation which allegedly started as a beef between two of the main players in Rihanna's complicated love life, Drake and Chris Brown took place in the wee hours of the morning on June 14 at NYC's W.i.P. nightclub and resulted in numerous injuries. Many women would be disturbed to have inspired such a scene, but an insider says Rihanna is flattered. "She loves the attention," the insider says. "It's almost as if she's happy about the fight."

Yet Rihanna remains publicly silent about the incident, which resulted in several clubgoers getting seriously injured. "She acts like she's unaware of any drama," says the insider of the star, who was spotted partying at 40/40 "in great spirits" later that same night. "It's like she's on cloud nine."
Pop quiz!

Question: What do a full blown riot and the Source Awards have in common?
Answer: Rihanna fingers herself unmercifully thinking of the mayhem caused by both. She's become such a self-absorbed little twat that Flava Flav sent her a thank you note for ending his title run as the "biggest embarrassment to the black community since J.J. Walker."  BTW, that note was written on the back of a food stamp with a pen that doubles as a crack pipe.

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