Adam Levine probably nailed Minka Kelly

I think we can safely assume that Adam Levine banged Minka Kelly during production of his new video. He's like a vagina black hole. Once you get too close, it's impossible to escape. From MTV News:
Adam Levine has hired Minka Kelly to play his wife in Maroon 5's latest video. The rocker invited Kelly to star in his group's new promo for single One More Night, which reteamed her with her Friday Night Lights boss Peter Berg, who directed the video.

"Minka was kind enough to make an appearance. That was pretty sweet," Levine said of the actress' involvement. "She plays my wife who leaves me." Luckily for everyone involved, the story behind getting Kelly to sign onto the project was a much happier tale than that of the two characters Levine and Kelly play in the video. It was as easy as picking up the phone and making a call.

"She's great," Levine said of Kelly. "The [story behind her involvement] was Pete reaching out to her and saying, 'Hey, do you want to do this?' and her saying 'Yes,' and us saying, 'Thank you!' " Levine explained, before giving her a full-on shout-out. "Thank you, Minka Kelly, for doing our video!"
Ever since The Captain cut Minka loose, her stock has dropped faster than Facebook. Is AIG running her career? Minka's gone from being Derek Jeter's girlfriend to Wilmer Valderrama's bottom bitch to Jake Gyllenhaal's fuck buddy in just under a year. She's been dropping through the celebrity alphabet at such an alarming rate that even Kim Kardashian feels embarrassed for her -- and she got pissed on. As spectacular as this fall has been, at least she's not getting banged by A-Rod. A lady has her standards, you know.

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