Mario Lopez at The Grove in Hollywood (5/24)

Mario Lopez got kicked out of a Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago after becoming irate that they wouldn't accommodate his request for healthier food. "You go home, now!" From the National Enquirer:
"When Mario walked in he was gracious to the diners who recognized him, but his mood turned ugly when he didn't get his way with the wait staff," an eyewitness at CBS Seafood Restaurant tells The Enquirer. "He's very health conscious, and he wanted his stir fried dishes prepared without oil and for them to use low sodium soy and oyster sauce. It was unbelievable. He wanted them to change the entire way they cook their stir-fry dishes. He wanted the chefs to use water in place of oil in their woks. Mario tried to explain exactly what he wanted, but I don't think he or the waiter really understood each other because of the language barrier."

With each passing moment, Mario's voice got louder and louder. Then he yelled out, "Does anyone speak English here?" When the waiter responded "no," Mario lashed out with a profanity-laced tirade, adds the source. "The restaurant manager couldn't take the disruption anymore, so he went over to Mario and said, 'You need to leave now!' But Mario didn't budge. He said 'I'm not leaving until I get my food the way I want it.'" Mario eventually decided against staying, but only after the manager threatened to call the cops! (Print Edition - 6/15)
I'm confused, was Saved by the Bell a bigger hit than I remember? On the importance scale, A.C. Slater was lower than both Screech and Mr. Belding, so I'm not sure where all this confidence is coming from. Being an extra on a TV show called Extra shouldn't give Mario that much of an ego boost -- if he was smart, he'd pull a Natalee Holloway and just quietly disappear. In all seriousness Mario, I think I can help with your rage issue that most certainly has nothing to do with steroids so don't think that for a second. The next time you want to eat healthy food, how about you don't go to a restaurant that features fried everything? Or at least make sure to ask them -- politely -- to hold the HGH. Oopsie.

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