Katy Perry in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (7/30)

Katy Perry put on an impromptu show last night in Brazil, flashing her crotch to a bunch of people hanging out below her hotel balcony, one of whom was a paparazzo with a telephoto lens. I know, right? How could this slut not know that people 300 feet below could see her underwear? I bet she showers naked, too. Whore.

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*15 Katy Perry pictures total in the gallery:

  • Katy Perry Balcony 1
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  • Katy Perry Balcony 3
  • Katy Perry Balcony 4
  • Katy Perry Balcony 5
  • Katy Perry Balcony 6
  • Katy Perry Balcony 7
  • Katy Perry Balcony 8
  • Katy Perry Balcony 9
  • Katy Perry Balcony 10
  • Katy Perry Balcony 11
  • Katy Perry Balcony 12
  • Katy Perry Balcony 13
  • Katy Perry Balcony 14
  • Katy Perry Balcony 15
[Pacific Coast News]
  • james

    i don't understand how her wearing underwear makes her a slut because she was wearing some


    thats nothing, just her legs :/

  • A Quinlenn


  • BensDad

    OMG, Katy is a good girl and her pearl of great price is covered by white panties. Keep on walking, nothing to see in this group of photos.

  • Laura Capdevila

    I think it's disgusting that paparazzi do up skirts shoots, that being said, it's probably worse that you upload them and called them "wardrobe malfunction" YOU SUCK.


    is that Russell Brand up there?

  • WbWise

    How is this a malfunction when the photographer put the camera right between her legs - what do you want her to wear, pants? What are you? The Taliban?

  • Erty

    her thighs are covering up the good stuff

  • Cartman

    such a fucking tease

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