Jessica Simpson leaving a gym in West Hollywood (6/11)

Jessica Simpson is finding that post-pregnancy weight loss isn't as easy as she expected. Especially since her body basically runs now on cake. On the bright side, cake is still better than crack or gay porn. Hey, I'm just trying to see the positive in this. A source told The Globe:
"Jessica is really stressing our right now - and it's making her eat more! She had this idea the weight would just fall off once she had the baby - but that isn't happening! It's been more than six weeks since she gave birth and she's hardly lost a pound."

Meanwhile, Simpson is a new spokeswomen for Weight Watchers and is "hoping that will be the miracle she needs to get thin again," says the source. "But it's really hard. She ate so much junk food while she was pregnant that she basically got addicted to it. Who knows if she'll ever get back into her Daisy Dukes again!"
Clearly The Globe doesn't read Celebslam since we've been documenting Jessica's weight gain for quite a few years now. Remember the infamous chili cook-off debacle? Not only was that the end of the Tony Romo era, it was the beginning of the "grandma pants and desperate for a baby to explain the weight gain" era -- or as I like to call it, "No question that Ashlee and her sexy raspy voice is hotter now" era. Weight Watchers, enjoy watching your newest investment eat herself into Kirstie Alley territory.

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