Cuba Gooding Jr. leaving Cirque Du Soir nightclub in London (5/23)

An arrest warrant has been issued for Cuba Gooding Jr. after he pushed a female bartender in New Orleans last night. I got your tip right here, bitch. Remi Braden, the Director of Public Affairs for the New Orleans Police Dept, told Celebuzz:
"There has been an arrest warrant issued for [Gooding Jr.] for municipal battery. Apparently he pushed a bartender twice at the bar. He was apparently getting rowdy when people were trying to take photos, and he got aggravated. The bartender tried to calm him down, at which time he allegedly pushed her, and before he left the bar he pushed her again. When he left, it was either the bartender or her boss that immediately called the police. We are currently looking for him."
Municipal battery? Pshhhh. The real crime is the amount of whiskey this bartender puts in a Manhattan. Is this a bar or a sober living facility? Am I right fellas, or am I right?

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