Charlize Theron leaving Claridge's Hotel in Mayfair, London (6/1)

Wait, Charlize Theron thought I was a weirdo? That cunt! From The Globe:
Charlize Theron claims she'll NEVER auction herself as a dinner date for charity again after getting stuck with a weirdo. "It was the worst idea ever. They trick you with the whole, 'Oh you know you can help so many people,' and then you fall for it and before you know it you're at a restaurant with some strange man. I made two of my girlfriends sit with me. It was a scary thing. I'd rather just give the money to charity."
Who knew that Charlize Theron -- dinner whore -- was such a wet blanket? Look, when I pulled my erect hog out and sprinkled cocaine on it, I meant that to be an ice-breaker/conversation starter -- I didn't expect it to be the reason why you would stop donating to charity. Children in Africa will continue to be covered in flies because you and your friends couldn't do a couple of rails off my johnson? Typical one percenter. Shame on you Charlize, shame on you.

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