Olivia Wilde is one breakup away from being Jessica Simpson

Olivia Wilde admits to British talk show host Amanda De Cadenet that, after her marriage to Tao Ruspoli fell apart last year, she self-medicated with food. Fatty! Via Contact Music:
In a candid new interview with the TV talk show presenter, Wilde explains, "I lost a bunch of weight and I was really never sleeping... I moved in with a girlfriend and she said, 'You don't sleep; you sleep three hours a night!' Then you go through a period where you're self-medicating with something to fill a void because you have created a void by removing someone from you. There's a chunk missing and people fill it with all sorts of things.

"I definitely self-medicate with food, that's my thing; I love to cook. I always convince myself, 'It's better than crack cocaine, so I guess it's OK...' Food is like a hug on the inside. I'm a healthy person, but I definitely packed it on because I wanted to feel a buffer between me and the pain, because the world started getting really scary and new relationships (and) dating was a lot more painful than I ever imagined."
Olivia Wilde takes Celebslam far too seriously. Remember at the end of last year when we put together that nice little list of "The Top 11 Celebrities Santa Wants to Sit on His Lap"? Olivia got an honorable mention, but I suggested that she needed to put some meat on those bones. Boy, did she take that to heart. Sorry about that Olivia, sometimes I forget my own power, and with great power comes great responsibility (yes, I did enjoy Spider-Man). No need to Kirstie Alley yourself into the big girl section at The Gap -- you're hot just the way you are. Now that I have pull with the elite, I'm gonna start flexing my muscles. Sofia Vergara . . . I don't think you should wear underwear anymore.

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