Lindsay Lohan rushed to hospital! Maybe!

According to ABC, Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the hospital in L.A. after being found unresponsive in the penthouse of the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey:
Lindsay Lohan has been transported to a hospital after she was found unconscious in a hotel room, Eyewitness News has learned. The Los Angeles County Fire Department got the emergency call at about 10:15 a.m. Friday. The actress was found unconscious in the penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey. Her condition is currently unknown.
But dammit, TMZ is saying that she never actually went to the hospital and she's already back on set:
Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay had been shooting almost non-stop -- without sleep -- for 2 days and was staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey to get some sleep.  She has been shooting parts of her movie near the hotel.

We're told someone became alarmed because they could not wake her up and the person called 911. Paramedics responded, and determined nothing was wrong with Lindsay.  They left without transporting her to the hospital.
It's amazing that more people with strenuous jobs (e.g. truck drivers, factory workers, firefighters, iron workers, etc.) don't suffer from this mysterious condition of "exhaustion" that always seems to strike actors and actresses with drug abuse problems. I think it just shows that cocaine is a helluva drug reading lines from a script while those around you cater to your every whim and need is a lot harder than people think. Actors and actresses, they're really the backbone of our society.

UPDATE: TMZ is now saying that Lindsay called someone from the Liz & Dick production team after "complaining of exhaustion." So pretty much exactly what I said before.