Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the premiere of Cruel Summer during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival (5/23)

Wait, isn't Kim still legally married? Meh, that's just a pesky technicality to a Kardashian. An insider told Life & Style:
"They are preparing to move in together, it's moving that quick ... if things continue at the speed they're going, Kim and Kanye will rent a new house together. They wouldn't buy yet."

This way, the couple would have a generic place that they could decorate cohesively. Because Kim and Kanye have such strong individual styles, the insider confirms, "Kim would be putting a lot of her stuff in storage. Her bathmat is KK-embroidered and that's not changing. She's OCD-immaculate and so is Kanye, so to have both of their items would create problems."

This new pad will be Kim's permanent home base in L.A., "the only place she has in L.A. — and she always has her mom's," adds the insider.

Although Kanye would still keep his L.A. pad, the couple's new home would be a common place, "so that they can live together without being fully domestic until they're ready to have a family," says the source.
You know what? This move looks totally authentic to me. The attention whore and the arena rat are gonna "move in" together, but Kanye's gonna keep a house on the side. Yeah, that's a real sincere attempt at building a relationship that will last longer than the sex tape that will inevitably get "leaked." Hey, it's not that I'm doubting their honesty -- each has something to offer the other. Since Kim K is basically the new Superhead, she gives Kanye the street cred he's so desperate for, and Kanye gives Kim something she just can't get enough of . . . access to the A-list. What? Did you really think I was gonna say big, black cock again? Come on, friends, you know I like to toss you some curveballs every now and again.

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  • Alexis

    Too bad they will soon begin to argue for who deserves more on camera time. If it ain't all fake in the first place...and also if it is.

  • Annalou

    We can thank Obama for bringing the races together in love. Thanks to him we are united as one people.

  • Heather

    They look good together. She is beautiful and he is handsome, and they are in love. Life is sweet.

  • Go

    >She is beautiful

    No she isn't. She is one ugly dog-faced woman.

  • BLAHblahBLAH

    your mother is an ugly dog face woman

  • Peggy

    It is very good that two such famous and influential people can find each other and find true love this way. I am so happy for them. They are setting a good example for us all Diversity really works.

  • Nudgie

    The best thing about this is that neither of them are worth a crap. Ooops- except for the rednecks that buy magazines at the checkout counter.

  • Crazy_Hater

    I hope they are moving into a Pyramid so that it can contain her fucking FAT ASS and his clueless SWELLED HEAD. Good Luck to the Cunt and the Jackass, you're choice.

  • Jay

    This is joyfull news. K and K are going to comingle their body fluids and produce a bunch of little KKs. What a happy though, TV audiances will be able to watch the little KKs growing up for years to come

  • Pedro

    They make such a cute couple. When you look at them, you are happy that we have diversity, and want to thank the Holy Obama for bringing us together as a people. This union could never have happened under Bush.

  • Vloggerazzi

    What the hell does "OCD-immaculate" mean? From what you see on her show when she's not standing half naked in front of a camera--she's a lazy and a bit of a slob. Only thing she is OCD about is taking pictures of herself.

  • FromNJ

    Wow, they're really serious about this bullshit relationship.

  • Zbone9

    I guess they are running out of story line for her show so they need a new one.


    yessumm missy Kim dis sho is like dat movie Guess Who's Cumin to Dinnah sho enuff mmmmmm mmmmm tank yu Jesuz

  • Pedro

    I blame this state of cultural affairs on George Bush

  • Go

    Thank god he is taking Kardashian. I was worried that this nigger would take one more pretty white girl off the market, which would have been one less girl for losers like me.

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  • Carlos



    not too white and she has had alot of black in her

  • Go

    That'w what I meant, retard. He is taking that dog face Kardiwoman, thus leaving white women alone.

    A good role model for other niggers, who are hell bent on ruining all white women with their big black cock. How am I to please a woman after she has been raped by a nigger?

  • HIll biLlY rAY

    double WOW I think your inhaling too much smoke at those cross burnings son

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