Julianne Hough leaving Roka restaurant in London (6/10)

Even though she's Mormon and has said in the past that she doesn't drink alcohol, Julianne Hough was looking a little tipsy after the Rock of Ages premiere afterparty in London on Sunday morning. Of course she gets sloppy drunk now. What, you didn't think morals and values could withstand the pull of the Hollywood machine, did you? You naive little fool. Did you know that, before Lindsay Lohan moved to Hollywood, a wild night for her was drawing pictures of Jesus with elbow macaroni and glitter? And then Hollywood fucked her in the ass and came all over her back, both figuratively -- and in some cases -- literally.

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[Bauer Griffin]
  • She is very sexy while she is drunk.

  • Anthony Risola

    i thought she was smokin' before now this just puts her over the top!

  • That my friend is a cum rash. Some bitches get em.

  • Wouldn't you get drunk if you desperately wanted to seduce your leading man and found out you didn't have the hardware to get the job done?

  • Unruly

    Her eyes were imported from another planet, which is why they are so incredible.

  • I'd say someone is trying to cop a feel but I think tits need to actually present.


    do yu know who I am ,I KNOW MITTEN ROMMENYYY the firsssttt momannn presssidddenttt

  • Morgan

    Not so. She has a pensive look while she contemplates the world economy, and peace in the Mid-East.

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