Oh hi Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson tweeted this picture of herself out for a walk on Friday ("Just taking a walk around the block") and OH MY GOD HER BOOBS ARE BIGGER THAN HER HEAD.* Her boobs are so big now that I'm legally prevented from making fun of her. You've won this battle Jessica, but the war has only just begun!

*but still only half the size of Kanye West's head

3 Jessica Simpson pictures total in the gallery:

  • Jessica Simpson Massive Chest 1
  • Jessica Simpson Massive Chest 2
  • Jessica Simpson Massive Chest 3
  • Robsright

    Wtf is clipped to her shirt? It's obviously not a pedometer.


    it's obviously not a calorie counter

  • Morgan

    Those georgous breasts are just full of milk for hubby and the baby. Jess is still #1.

  • Guest

    Jessica the disgusting mutant cow has two udders and teets for more than just hubby and baby. Mom, Ashlee, Joe each get one too. Maybe Jess will post a picture of her teets hooked up to the milking machine next


    Kanyes head,Kims ass, and Jessica's boobsall put together would be a great Macy's Thanksgiving day parade balloon but I guess many people would die and it would get stuck between the office buildings


    who will start the bidding for this 4H Blue ribbon prize winning heffer?

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