Chris Brown's hurt little chin

A melee erupted last night at WIP nightclub in New York between Chris Brown, Drake, and their accompanying entourages (entouragi?) -- and it might have been over Rihanna. Apparently the two singers still harbor some ill will towards each other because Drake hooked up with Rihanna after Chris beat the shit out of her in 2009. By chance they ran into each other at the club last night and Chris, obviously trying to get under Drake's skin, sent a bottle over to his table. Drake was having none of it so he walked over and punched Chris in the face. More punches were thrown, bottles went flying through the air, and a gay time was had by all. After the fight, Chris tweeted the above pic, reached deep into the dictionary, and proclaimed (since deleted):
"How u party wit a rich nigga that hate? Lol.... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!"
According to witnesses, Chris became alarmed and fled the scene after he started throwing punches at Drake, and Drake actually threw punches back. He's just not used to that.

PICTURE: Chris' "bottled" chin

PICTURE: The VIP section, post-fight

PICTURE: One of Chris' bodyguards in the hospital after the fight


*5 Chris Brown pictures total in the gallery:

  • Chris Brown Drake Fight 1
  • Chris Brown Drake Fight 2
  • Chris Brown Drake Fight 3
  • Chris Brown Drake Fight 4
  • Chris Brown Drake Fight 5

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