Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas leaving Newsbar in Greenwich Village (6/28)

According to internet rumor and speculation, Alec Baldwin (looking old as dirt yesterday in New York, above) is marrying his yoga instructor girlfriend Hilaria Thomas Saturday at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in Manhattan. Details are a little scarce at the moment, but the couple is expected to exchange vows sometime around noon, followed by the ceremonial "punching of whoever the fuck is near me" a short time later.

*5 Alec Baldwin pictures total in the gallery:

  • Alec Baldwin Looking Old 1
  • Alec Baldwin Looking Old 2
  • Alec Baldwin Looking Old 3
  • Alec Baldwin Looking Old 4
  • Alec Baldwin Looking Old 5
  • You would think that by marrying a yoga instructor--Alec would be in better shape.

  • E. Norm Espeenas

    From the looks of that photo, "Gramps Baldwin" has a full load in his Depends.

    I sure hope his new wife likes to clean doody off of that idiot's bung-hole.



    smart Alec Baldwin must have some real clout with the Catholic church being divorced and still getting married in ST.Patricks, he must of beat up a cardinal or have picures of one of his loser brothers getting molested by a priest ,you know they will do anything for publicity

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