William Levy leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills (3/30)

Have Cock, Will Travel. I should really trademark that name for William Levy's inevitable reality show on E!. From In Touch Weekly:
To millions of women who tune in weekly to watch Dancing With the Stars, William Levy is the total package. But when he recently hooked up with LA-based aspiring actress Grace Roubidoux after meeting her at Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills — where she works as a hostess — he made a request that would shock even his most ardent fans.

"We were talking and he started showing me videos of him having sex with other women on his phone," Grace, who often goes by the stage name Carolyn Hayver, exclusively reveals to In Touch. "He asked me if I was interested in doing the same. He tried to get me to do a sex tape."

According to Grace, when William, 31, couldn't convince the 25-year-old to play along with his kinky plan, the playboy laughed it off — and wound up seducing her, in spite of the request. It was magical, shares Grace, who remembers the Cuban-born star as a "sensitive" and "affectionate" lover. "He's the epitome of a Casanova."
Geez, this twinkle-toed William Levy fella is a forward bastard, isn't he? He went right for the sex tape before putting in his order of fries. Like a gentleman, I go for the camera only after the roofie sets in. Does this mean that Willy has game? It sure looks like it. I can honestly say that I've never used "What do you think of this video of me cornholing a cheap waitress like yourself?" as an opener. Smooth, Levy. And classy. Of course, I'm going for hard targets like supermodels and soccer moms, not skanky coffee shop baristas. Thank God Levy's addiction is sex, not fame, or this story could have taken a real Kardashian twist. Luckily for us, there will be no urine postings today.

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