Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and Vanessa Hudgens

Posted some pics from the set of Spring Breakers in March, and here's some more from the May issue of Interview magazine. Sorry if you've seen some of these pics before, but it's not my fault tits are so damn awesome. Geesh, get off my back!

*5 Spring Breakers bikini pics total in the gallery:

  • Spring Breakers Bikini Group Shot 1
  • Spring Breakers Bikini Group Shot 2
  • Spring Breakers Bikini Group Shot 3
  • Spring Breakers Bikini Group Shot 4
  • Spring Breakers Bikini Group Shot 5
  • Robsright

    Girls....please stop putting that trainspotting filter on your pictures. Makes you look like heroin trash. Courtney Love owns the rights to that filter.

  • Pete

    More useless twits. Instead of making a silly movie. Why are they not out trying to save the envirnment. Planting trees, clearing brush, clearing hiking trials, helping the forest service etc.

  • 90210

    Who is the pink hair?

  • Hawk

    Yay! kiddie porn!

  • Vloggerazzi

    Not really. Selena is the baby at 19 though she does look and pose like a 10 year-old pretending to be grown up-- the rest of these girls are well into their 20s. I heard one of the is pushing 30. Not sure which....

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