Another month has passed us by, and with that, another month of sexy twitpics. Like the one above Miranda Kerr tweeted on April 20. I've never noticed this before but Miranda is very attractive. She should really consider making a career out of modeling.

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  • Ireland Baldwin Twitpic
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  • Emmy Rossum Twitpic
  • Miley Cyrus Twitpic
  • Jamie Chung Twitpic
  • Candace Bailey Twitpic
  • Jessica Tyler Twitpic
  • so hot !! i love u

  • She should really consider making a career out of modeling.

  • exposing her vajayjay in a bikini.

  • underratedSpitter

    leann rimes needs to stop wearing bikinis...or going out in public without a bag over her head...she would be unattractive in an alien species

  • Nuubuun

    see selena gomez in bikini along with vanessa hudgens and ashley -

  • Mulva

    wow - celebrities really like themselves.

  • Sdkrafft74

    Even better in HD!!!! -

  • Sdkrafft74

    Can only be enjoyed in HD -

  • Katherine Butt

    See the Selena Gomez Pic she is converting a Young Girl now.....

  • Karen

    That is really scary

  • just how vein must one be to tweet pic of themselves

  • Pete

    Maybe they are just bored with their useless lives.

  • Pete

    Is this Miranda Kerr unemployed, or unemployable? Is she good looking enough to make a living as a model. There is a lot of stiff competition out there from foreign models who work for less and will take jobs American models won't do. I guess the big question is can this Miranda Kerr break into the modeling biz and earn a living, or will she continue to live off the government dole?

  • BensDad

    Who is this Miranda Kerr, and what keeps her from being a colosal twit.

  • Johnny

    Wow! Leann Rimes looks like a transvestite.

  • Suncana_strana

    "She should really consider making a career out of modelling" you live on this planet or what? she is a world famous model...

  • Uh, yeah, I was being sarcastic.


  • Oracle

    A twit is a twit, no matter how beautiful


    but when a twit is a twat what a beautiful thought

  • Hawk

    I don't know who most of these women are.
    I can''t believe Aubery O'Day went an entire month without posting a pic of her exposing her vajayjay in a bikini.

  • Falcon

    They should all display their vajayjay, so the whole world knows what the quality of their essential equipment.

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