Rihanna is butt-ass naked

Here's some behind-the-scenes pics from a photoshoot for Rihanna's new fragrance named -- you guessed it -- Nude. Since this is Rihanna we're talking about, I'm guessing this new perfume smells like a mix of weed and the condonation of domestic violence. Wait a minute, is "the condonation of domestic violence" even a smell?

*5 Rihanna pictures total in the gallery:

  • Rihanna Nude Perfume 1
  • Rihanna Nude Perfume 2
  • Rihanna Nude Perfume 3
  • Rihanna Nude Perfume 4
  • Rihanna Nude Perfume 5
  • Robsright

    Two poses....1. Cover chest, yank on wig 2. Exhale

  • uuumm. delicious!

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  • Sarah

    She is so very sexy. It must be awesome knowing that millions of men lust after her and masturbate to her photos.

  • Carlos

    This replaces her old perfume, "Broken Orbital Bone"

  • Ricardo

    Does her sex tape have lots of S&M and B&D in it?

  • FromNJ

    When's her sex tape going to leak?

  • Ben

    Rihanna is a real classy girl. I mean she is the height of elegance and refinement. It is easy to tell from the way she lives her life and those she associates with, even her boyfriends are upper crust. /s


    actually mann me next fragrance is goin to be called "Cirrhosis" that smell is me liver rotting away but with onions its real good!!!!!!!

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