Megan Fox may or may not be pregnant

Brian Austin Green finally addressed the rumors that his wife Megan Fox is pregnant. And by "addressed" I mean "didn't really confirm or deny it so she still may or may not be pregnant." All cleared up for you? Good. From People:
"They've been saying that every three months ever since [Megan Fox and I] got married, and it's sort of one of those things that they love to say," Green, 38, said. "I think it's interesting. I think there is a part of Megan that people really love that is, at 18 she found a relationship and she stuck with it, and we've been together for coming on eight years now."

Continued Green: "It will be our two-year wedding anniversary, but we've been together for a long time. She doesn't represent what people are used to seeing in a young actress."
OMG, Megan Fox and David Silver are married? Wow, who would have known? -- it's only been mentioned a couple of hundred times a day for the last two years . . . by Brian Austin Green. You say it's "interesting," I say it's a travesty. Megan Fox loses a couple of points on the Celebslam hot list because, let's face facts, she married a guy who is essentially her personal assistant. Brian, I can't waste archiving space on all of these pics I have of you carrying her bag -- it's unseemly. And the fact that you haven't been able to parlay your marriage into steady work only reflects on Megan's lack of legit star power -- hell, Kevin Federline has a higher Q Score than you, and he's fat as fuck, dude. For your sake, get a bun in that oven or make yourself scarce, because Megan's career isn't strong enough to keep carrying all that dead weight..

*10 Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green pictures total in the gallery:

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